Programming and resources for highly at-risk children and youth and the professionals who work with them


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boysSince NEARI's inception, we have served as a source of practical, cutting-edge information for professionals and the public about promising and best-practice interventions with those who sexually abuse. In our rapidly changing field, NEARI Press strives to bring you the best thinking to guide your work with at risk children, youth and adults. As a nonprofit organization our mission is to ensure that the professionals working with these target populations have access to the best information, training, and skill building opportunities available.

NEARI offers access to a number of free resources to keep you current in your work:

E-Newsletter E-Newsletter free monthly E-Newsletter translating current research into practical information you can use in your day-to-day work.
Links Links a short listing of organizations who provide helpful information and resources on sexual abuse trauma, treatment, management and prevention.
Author Websites Author Websites for more information about our NEARI Press authors and Training Center faculty.
Featured Resources Featured Resources a short listing of FREE information, books and online courses that will be helpful to anyone working in this field.
Free Workshops Free Workshops . . .
Free Workshops Certificate Program A Five and one-half Day Academic Certificate Program
monitor_icon Free Webinars Listen to the presentations by many of the internationally recognized NEARI Press authors.  All of the presentations are FREE!

Be sure to check out our other resources:
Bookstore Bookstore specializing in providing resources to professionals engaged in sex abuse specific work.
Training Center Online Workshops Trains thousands of professionals in the specialized interventions.

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